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Good Dog! Insightful Doodle and Poodle Training Tips and Advice

Companionship and loyalty are two of the many reasons why dogs really are, a human’s best friend.

Plus, a furry friend can help lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, and ease social isolation.

There are many ways in which a new canine can make your life that much better, but if you aren’t Poodle training properly, you could be setting you and your pup up for failure. Raising a puppy takes time, effort, and the right tools to ensure success.

If you’ve got a new Poodle or Doodle in your home and you want to make sure you raise them well, we’ve got some excellent Poodle training tips and tricks for doing it right.

Keep reading for a guide concerning all things Poodle training!

What Are Poodles?

House training a Poodle puppy begins with understanding the breed to which you’ve made your match.

Poodles are a group of formal dog breeds. The origin is still discussed, as some argue they originated in France, and others insist they came from Germany.

Either way, Poodles are ranked number 2 when it comes to dog intelligence, second only to the Border Collie. Poodles are highly skilled in a wide variety of activities and sports. Plus, they have taken many top honors in conformation shows, such as the World Dog Show and Best in Show.

Effective Poodle training is evident in the many Poodle canines who grow up to be circus performers and service dogs. They are incredibly obedient and agile dogs, and their intelligence deems them great dogs to train and welcome into a home.

What Is a Doodle?

Simply put, Doodles are Poodles crossed with other breeds. The Bernedoodle, for example, is a cross between a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog. An amazing cross-breed, the Bernadoodle boasts the intelligent goofiness of a Poodle with the loyalty of a Bernese.

Plus, they hardly shed, making them a perfect pet for a family with a member who suffers from allergies. Let’s take a look at those Poodle training tips, while focusing first on the biggest mistakes owners make during training.

Biggest Training Mistakes Owners Make

Effective Poodle training begins with knowing and understanding the most common mistakes people make when in their journeys to train their beloved canines.

Here are some of the most common mistakes Poodle owners make.

They Teach Their Pup Too Many Commands at Once

It can be tempting to take it all on at once, but when it comes to effective Poodle training, it’s essential to take things slow and start with the basics.

They Move on to the Next Command Too Quickly

Practice makes perfect, right? Many Poodle owners find themselves frustrating during Poodle training because they move on to another command before they allow their pup to master the first one.

Before you move on to a new command, it’s essential that you make sure your Poodle both understands and masters the first one.

They Use More Than One Training Method

There’s nothing wrong with getting your new best friend from a reputable and dedicated Poodle breeder who begins the puppy training process for you. In fact, you’ll benefit from going with a breeder like Namaste Poodles, that trains all their puppies.

Many owners, however, use a variety of training methods and people to enforce them. It’s best to stick to one method, and one person in the household to inaugurate and follow through with training.

They Don’t Refresh the Poodle’s Memory

Many owners assume that once a command is learned, it’s remembered forever. But how many times in our lives do we all need to refresh the things we once knew and understood to completion?

Having to revisit things we’ve learned in the past is normal for both humans AND their dogs. Unfortunately, many owners forget to revisit and reinforce commands that have already been mastered.

Now that we’ve covered some common training mistakes, here are our Poodle training tips for success!

Be Consistent!

Just like anything we strive to achieve as humans, consistency is key as it pertains to Poodle training.

Your goal should be to get your dog to respond EVERY time you issue a command, and not just when they feel like it.

To achieve this, it doesn’t mean you have to punish your pup when he doesn’t get it right. It means taking the time to understand and use the best method for getting a response.

Be firm, patient, and kind all at once, and you’ll end up with a happy and obedient pup.

Set a Schedule

Just like humans, dogs thrive on a schedule. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Rather, set a schedule that works for you.

Whether you want to work on Poodle training once, twice, or three times a day, do it at the same time every single day.

Don’t Give In

When you’re house training a Poodle puppy, you’re inevitably going to have great days and harder days. One of the most vital Poodle training tips to abide by is never to give in!

If your dog is not performing correctly or is acting fussy, stay strong, and don’t give up. However, if you’re impatient and would rather take a break, it’s much better to quit training and pick it up the next day than to let your puppy get away with bad behavior. Be firm, and only give praise when it’s warranted.

Give Praise

Dogs love praise as much as they love treats.

It’s important not to give your Poodle puppy praise for poor behavior, but it’s crucial that you give her lots of praise when she performs a command the right way!

Make sure you offer verbal praise IMMEDIATELY after a performed command, and she’ll be more than happy to do it again. If your puppy performs a command correctly during a moment when you aren’t training, it’s more than ok to offer praise then too.

Encourage Social Skills

While Poodles are highly intelligent and easy to train, they often struggle in social situations.

Make sure your Poodle gets social interaction with other humans, and lots of other dogs, starting from a young age. You want to make sure that your hard work and training carries through outside the home as well.

Once your Poodle is trained, consider getting him a friend! Namaste Poodles has the most quality selection of Doodles around!

Beware of Distractions

We just touched on the importance of socializing your Poodle puppy. It’s important to note, however, that this doesn’t mean to do so during training times.

If you’re training your new Poodle puppy, don’t do it at the dog park where he’ll have a hard time focusing because of all that’s going on around him.

If you’re house training a Poodle puppy from inside the home, turn off the TV or any other distractions that might pull his attention elsewhere.

Don’t Let Your Poodle Get Bored

Poodles are smart. They love to learn and train and excel. It’s still possible for a puppy to get bored, however.

If you start to notice that your Poodle is getting bored, it might be time to switch up aspects of your teaching. We don’t mean to start an entirely new method, but rather to switch up the way you’re saying a command or to make sure you’re taking breaks to play.

Don’t train more than 10 minutes at a time. If you have the time, and you want to train your pup more than once per day, keep your training sessions consistent, short, and sweet.

Start With Small Expectations

It’s easy to imagine yourself going for romps in the park with your grown Poodle, her listening to every command with or without a leash, and you living your best dog owner’s life possible.

Just remember, that takes time.

Be reasonable and start small, like with one command at a time.

Start with the basics, and then move on to commands that require more steps to learn.

Don’t Ever Stop Poodle Training

Training is a craft that should be practiced for life. Even if your Poodle puppy has mastered it all, don’t ever stop training. Continue to revisit commands and tricks and to give your beloved canine praise for every positive response, no matter how many times she has done it before.

Continue to schedule training sessions so that you can check in and reinforce all that your Poodle puppy has learned.

If you have ANY questions about Poodle training, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us with any questions or concerns so that we can help your Poodle training journey become a success!



Today is the day you’ve been waiting for your entire life: the day to get a puppy that you can call your own.

The dog that you choose will watch your family grow, be a loyal soldier to protect you, and love you with all of its heart!

Obviously, there are several adorable breeds that you can choose from, but the best dog breeds for first-time owners are undoubtedly doodles and poodles.

Not only are their names and faces as cute as they are cuddly, but their other traits also make for an incredible first pup.

Here are just a few traits that make them your ideal companion for years to come!


1. Optimal Size

Both standard poodles and standard doodles come in a size that is very friendly to any living situation. They’d both be listed under the “Medium” size category when fully grown.

That makes them the perfect size to fit all the roles of a family dog: guard dog, best friend, snuggle buddy, etc.

Their full size makes for a great tagalong pal on trips to the park, brewery, or any other social setting where a dog can add to the experience.


2. Adorable Faces

Be honest… you want to get a dog that will make the entire world give a second look when walking past it. 

Few dogs have that “must-see” factor than both poodles and doodles. They have adorable puppy eyes that get cuter with age and a smiley face look when they pant.

Careful though, you’ll find that they can easily sucker your friends and family members into sliding them food under the dinner table! They’ll be loved by every single one of your relatives.


3. Energy Levels

Some people look for a dog that will mellow out with age, others look for a dog that will keep it’s energy level to play with the kids.

Poodles and Doodles are the best of both worlds. They’ll always keep a certain amount of energy that gradually regresses as they age.

That’s perfect for those of you looking to use this puppy as a trial run for having kids.

You can learn from the parenting experience and have kids a few years down the line. Your dog will still have the energy to play with your future kiddos in the backyard!


4. Beautiful Coats

Everyone in the world knows the capabilities of a standard Poodle’s hair. It’s so soft and fluffy that you can make almost any shape with it to reflect yours and their style!

While a doodle’s hair can’t be shaped quite like that, its wavy-yet-curly texture is to die for.

It’s fluffy texture always looks like the world’s softest blanket and makes for the optimal snuggling partner during the cold winter months. You’ll never have to reach for a blanket warmer again!


5. Hypoallergenic Fur

What many first-time dog buyers don’t realize is the importance of factoring in how much a certain breed will or won’t shed. How does their shedding factor in your life? 

For example, you may have always wanted a dog but could never find one that didn’t mess with the dog allergies that you have.

Lucky for you, both Poodles and Doodles are hypoallergenic and shed hair in very minute amounts. All dogs shed, but these two breeds are of the few that shed the least.


6. They Love People

Full transparency, you need a dog in your life that loves people as much as you do.

Whether you’re the type to host an occasional party or just have a full house of kids, it’s a great benefit to have a dog who loves humans.

Poodles and Doodles have never met a person they don’t love. They may turn on the “guard dog” switch at first but quickly reach for the nearest ball for your guests to play with them.

Be sure to warn all of your guests that if they throw the ball once, they should expect to throw the ball hundreds of more times before the night is over!


7. Promote an Active Lifestyle

Perhaps part of your reasoning for getting a new puppy is to promote your need for maintaining, or switching to, an active lifestyle.

Poodles and Doodles can serve as the cutest, most efficient workout buddy of all time! Their energy levels, up-for-anything temperament, and need for exercise make them a perfect companion to run at the park with.

They’ll never leave your side and are ready to run for as long as you are… or longer!


8. Tricks Up Their Sleeve

Who doesn’t enjoy showing off the tricks that you’ve taught a dog? Some are more impressive than others, but they all show your pup’s willingness to listen and learn.

Poodles and doodles are very willing to be trained and respond very well to commands. There will be a minimal learning curve thanks to their ability to process your request with a reward.

Both breeds live to hear the words “good dog!” directed at them as much as possible.


Poodles and Doodles: Optimal Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

The puppy that you choose is going to be a huge part of you and your family’s life for the next 10-18 years!

That’s why a standard poodle or standard doodle is amazing dog breeds for first time owners such as yourself.

Be sure to check out this page of frequently asked questions to answer any further questions you may have as a first-time dog owner.

For more inquiries on any of our adorable puppies, please reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to talk with you further!

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