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Our Ladies


A.K.A Ella

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Coloration: Black & Rust Abstract
Coat Texture: Thick Curls
Weight: 47lbs
Activity Level: Low Moderate
Bio from guardian home: We love this sweet girl. Zella is an amazing family dog and the light of our lives. Zella is the queen of this house! She is smart, amazing and the best dog ever! She sleeps in the bed with us and is so spoiled! She has a heart of gold and would do anything for us. She is an awesome dog and I can’t say enough good things about her! Thank you so much for letting us guardian her.

GiGi (Genevieve)

A.K.A Genny! Vivi, Gigi

Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Coloration: Black Tricolor
Coat Texture: Luscious Thick Bernese Coat
Weight: 89 lbs
Activity Level: Low to Low Moderate
Bio from guardian home: Gigi is the sweetest and calmest dog we have ever owned. She is very devoted to us and loves to chill on our couch and on the floor. She is kind, caring and very tolerant of our grandkids. We love her so very much and can’t imagine life without her. She is a patient dog and her desire in life is to be loved and doted on. She is an amazing dog.


A.K.A KoKo

Hometown: Recsk, Hungary
Coloration: Black Rust and White
Coat Texture: Plush Bernese Coat
Weight: 75lbs
Activity Level: Low
Bio from guardian home: Khloe’s motto in life is “don’t worry be happy”. She is a very calm and mellow dog and we love her to pieces. Khloe is our third Berner and definitely the lowest energy of the three that we have owned. She is a kind dog and loves to sit on the sofa or by my feet as I work on my computer. She has got an awesome disposition and is very confident and laid back.


A.K.A Allie,

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Coloration: Black Rust and White
Coat Texture: Luscious Bernese Coat
Weight: 59 lbs
Activity Level: Low to Low Moderate
Bio from guardian home: Alessandra is such a fun dog. Allie is very full of life and love and enjoys every minute of the day. She is a very intelligent Bernese Mountain Dog and knows how to open doors and gates etc. She is big lover of children and small animals and is always ready to foster another mom’s puppies. She has a very strong maternal instinct and always is the best mom to her puppies. She is devoted and loving and everything we could ask for in a dog.


A.K.A Diva, Lonestar girl

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Coloration: Tri-Color Phantom Parti
Coat Texture: Luscious Thick Curls; Non-Shedding
Weight: 55lbs
Activity Level: Medium
Bio from home: Dallas is an amazing girl. She is an amazing dog and what a kind girl she is! She wants nothing more in life than to be by your side. She is affectionate, kind, intelligent and loyal. She has a great recall and is one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned. Love this girl! She is amazing! Her ability to pick up on new commands is amazing to watch. She is able to soak up training like a sponge. She is one of the easiest dogs to live with and is super adaptable. She loves going on walks and loves meeting new people.

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