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Our Ladies


AKA teddy baby, ronnie girl, Maharani

Hometown: Fort Myers, Florida

Coloration: Ravishing Redhead

Coat Texture: Beautiful Thick Curls; Non-Shedding

Weight: 37lbs

Activity Level: Low

Bio from home:

Ronnie is the most devoted, loving and amazing dog that anyone could ask for.

Ronnie is the reason behind Namaste Poodles and Doodles and she is the first dog we added to our program.

Ronnie helped heal our entire family’s hearts as we were morning the death of our beloved Labrador retreiver, Raja.

Ronnie has the most beautiful heart and kind soul. This dog came into my life and changed it like no other has. I love her.

Litter from Jenny & Loki will be available soon!


AKA Jenndog, Miss J, Genesis

Hometown: Malibu, California

Coloration: Jet Black

Coat Texture: Luscious Thick Curls; Non-Shedding

Weight: 41lbs

Activity Level: Low

Bio from guardian home:

This girl is a totally loving California girl at heart! She is the sweetest dog you could ever ask for.

Jenny has a heart of gold always stays right by me whenever I am feeling down.

She is intuitive and can sense our family members’ moods and always comforts anyone who isn’t feeling great.

She stayed by me a whole week while I had the flu and is probably the most caring dog anyone would ever meet.


AKA Xena the phantom princess, Miss Z

Hometown: Sag Harbor, New York

Coloration: Jet Black and Dark Red Phantom

Coat Texture: Luscious Thick Curls; Non-Shedding

Weight: 50lbs

Activity Level: Low-Medium

Bio from guardian home:

Zia is so smart! She potty trained in less than a week and waltzed right off the plane like she owned the place! She is by far the smartest dog I have ever owned and trained and a genius! She has a great blend of characterstics and is a loving and gentle soul. I often get stopped on walks with her! She is the most beautiful dog ever!