What is an Ultra Bernedoodle?

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The Ultra Bernedoodle is our (Namaste Bernedoodle’s) idea of the perfect Bernedoodle with distinct tricolor markings, chunky Bernese-like builds, and a beautiful soft wavy coat like the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Ultra Bernedoodles are Bernedoodles with a higher content Bernese Mountain Dog versus Poodle. But it is not as simple as it sounds! Read more to learn about our journey to creating the Ultra Bernedoodle and why we are so invested in this breed!

Why do we breed Ultra Bernedoodles?

We get this question so often! At Namaste, we are committed to seeing the Bernedoodle bred more consistently as a breed as opposed to a first-generation hybrid. We breed this type of Bernedoodle because it to us is the ideal Bernedoodle in so many ways- temperament, coat type, structure, and beauty are just a few things that come to mind.

How did the Ultra Bernedoodle come about?

We co-created the Ultra Bernedoodle with Rocky Road Doodles on our joint mission of creating the ultimate Bernedoodle. With careful genetic research, collaborations with our genetics lab, Animal Genetics, and selective breeding, we feel we are very close to this goal. We are now ready to share with the world the Ultra Bernedoodle; the Bernedoodle that is a higher percentage of Bernese than a typical Bernedoodle with the same Doodle coat we all know and love.

Generally, the percentage of the Bernese can vary from about 60-85% in the blend. We plan to be advancing this in the future and we expect to have many more Ultra Bernedoodle Breedings coming up! Stay Tuned for future Bernedoodle litters.

Some of the things that led us to create the Ultra Bernedoodle

This hybrid is absolutely hands down my favorite type of dog I have encountered and lived with and there is the true magic that comes from the combination of these two amazing breeds, the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. However, being a perfectionist, there are some things in our F1 generations and even our multigenerational dogs that we wanted to enhance that we felt could add to the Bernedoodle.

Breeding a dog with thick bone density and structure to an elegant lean dog like a Poodle generally gives you a dog with medium bone density and girth. So in most Bernedoodles, you tend to lose the chunky build that a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog will display. In addition, the color and pattern of a traditional Bernese can sometimes be watered down in the Bernedoodle. This led to us doing a lot of genetic research, trial, and error, and consultation with our genetics laboratory to create the Ultra Bernedoodle.

We spend hours and hours planning our breedings for Ultra Bernedoodles and take a lot of effort to create dogs that we feel reflect our vision and goal for this very special dog. We keep back many of our own Ultra Bernedoodles to create internal lines for the creation of a breed. Many of our Ultra lines are now three to four generations of our foundational lines so we have quite a bit of data on the health, temperament, etc of these dogs.

Do your Ultra Bernedoodles shed?

Most of our Ultra Bernedoodles do not exhibit major signs of shedding/hair loss. Some of our customers have claimed that their Ultra Bernedoodle puppies do not shed at all but all dogs will shed to a minimal degree- even a Poodle! With that being said we do not recommend Ultra Bernedoodles for people with allergies. The coat of an Ultra Bernedoodle also does not necessarily develop the same way as a traditional Bernedoodle and may have times where it is a bit lighter as they are maturing. We have seen some of our Ultra Bernedoodles also blow their coat like a Bernese but return to the Doodle texture/low shedding coat after adolescence.

As of Winter 2020, most of our Ultra Bernedoodles are maturing with thick “Doodle Coats”. In the future, we do plan to breed our Ultra Bernedoodles together so we may have Bernese-coated puppies in those litters. Any puppies with a Bernese Coat will be easily identified and we will let our customers know in advance.

What size does your Ultra Bernedoodles come in?

The size of our current Ultra Bernedoodle puppies for the most part ranges from a medium around 50lbs fully grown to over 100lbs standard depending on which line that specific Ultra Bernedoodle line originates from. Since there is a higher percentage of Bernese in this blend, we usually estimate our puppies with higher weights than we would from other breedings. Please be aware that we can never guarantee adult weight with any of our dogs as genetics in pure and hybrid breeds is not an exact science. With further generations and more data, we will be able to provide more information to our customers.

Ultra Bernedoodle Future Development

We are currently in our third phase of breeding Ultra Bernedoodles where we are planning on combining some of the foundational lines that we have worked so long and hard on! We are thrilled to see how our passion will reflect on our Bernedoodles. It is truly a quest for us that keeps us up late at night thinking, pondering, and dreaming!

We might sound crazy but it is true! My collaborator and colleague Emily (Rocky Road Doodles) and I spend hours a day every day figuring out the best breedings to advance this breed. We work with bloodlines from around the world and have had many instances of trial and error to get to this stage. We are so excited to see what the future holds for our Ultra Bernedoodles. We are expecting our first Merle Ultra Bernedoodles in 2021 and smaller sizes as well!

Interested to know more about our Ultra Bernedoodle and other dogs? Contact us now.