How do we determine our puppy's prices?

Bernedoodle Puppy prices at Namaste Bernedoodles are determined by a variety of factors. These prices are based on markings, color, color intensity, coat type, furnishings, structure, build, and bloodline. Puppies that are exemplary models of the breed will be priced accordingly.


Nontraditional Bernedoodle colors are commonly priced lower than ideal, true to the breed standard colors. For example, Parti or Phantom Bernedoodles are regularly priced lower than Traditional Tricolor or Merle Tricolor Bernedoodles. The disparity in price is not connected to the puppy’s health or ability to be an excellent companion dog, rather is determined by the desirability of color.

Color Intensity:

In addition to color, color intensity is considered when determining Bernedoodle’s price. Puppies with lower color intensity are typically priced lower than puppies with rich, color-intense markings. Puppies of traditional color such as Traditional Tricolor or Merle Tricolor may be priced lower if they lack color intensity.


There can also be some variation in pricing due to the bloodline. Namaste Bernedoodles has imported many bloodlines from Europe and works with a fair amount of champion bloodlines as well. Purchasing a puppy with an esteemed bloodline can result in a higher price.


Bernedoodle puppies without furnishings are generally priced lower than puppies with furnishings. Unfurnished puppies are discounted because they are not considered a standard coat type for the Bernedoodle breed.

Namaste Bernedoodles does not price puppies according to size. Purchasing a smaller dog does not result in a smaller price.

Additional Factors:

Our dogs and puppies are thoroughly checked by the expert vet while we spend extra on pedigree research, conformation evaluation, and temperament assessment. Although all these medical costs a lot, the probability of hereditary genetic health issues becomes almost zero.

The website remains up to date for our available Bernedoodle puppies for sale. All puppies are considered available until a contract is signed and the down payment has been received for a specific puppy.

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