What is a guardian home?

If you are interested in a high quality puppy and you believe/support our mission at Namaste Poodles and Doodles to raise and breed amazing Doodles and Poodles then the guardian program may be right for you. Our guardian program is essentially a program where we place breeding prospect dogs and puppies in local families and we retain the breeding rights on that specific dog for a duration and/or fixed number of litters. This is not for people who are interested in breeding dogs themselves but rather a program for those who are interested in supporting our program and receiving a very high quality puppy without the high cost.

At Namaste Doodles and Poodles we believe that dogs should be part of a family unit and in a loving home being doted on rather than being kenneled. Guardian homes are a way for us to grow our program without running a large kennel operation. A guardian family in essence provides a home for a dog that is obtained at no cost to the guardian family with the understanding and agreement that Namaste Poodles & Doodles will retain the breeding rights on the dog for a certain number of litters for a female dog or for retain use of the stud dog for a certain period of time. Guardian homes must live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Austin, TX area, Houston, TX area or Salt Lake City, Utah area. Guardian families generally are interested in a higher quality dog but recognize the value that they receive in a higher quality dog and understand the sacrifice (having to share their dog with us) until the breeding agreement is fulfilled.

What are guardian homes responsible for?

Guardian homes are responsible for all “regular” pet parent costs including but not limited to: grooming, food, routine veterinary care and vaccinations, bedding, toys etc. Namaste Poodles and Doodles are responsible for all breeding related expenses and/or breeding related veterinary costs including but not limited to: progesterone tests, semen evaluation, genetic testing etc. Guardian homes assume responsibility for the care and maintenance of their guardian dog in terms of coat care, general health and well-being. Guardian homes must keep their guardian dog in good physical and mental condition and if they have a coated breed (Bernedoodle, Poodle or Goldendoodle) the dog must be kept well maintained and groomed. Guardians are required to maintain a friendly and open relationship with us as well. Female guardian dog owners must notify us at the onset of a heat cycle whether we are breeding the dog or not that cycle. We need to know how our guardian dogs are doing and we keep in touch regularly with our guardian homes. If you are planning on going out of town as well we need to be informed in advance so we can make arrangements should we have breeding plans for your guardian dog at that time.

How do I become a guardian home?

We generally ask that people interested in being a guardian send us a text, call or email letting us know their interest. Please send us a detailed message and let us know that you are aware of our guardian program and are interested in being considered for our guardianship program. We will further schedule phone and/or video call interviews as one progresses through the guardian home interview process.

Guardian homes must have stable living conditions and be able to adequately care for an incoming puppy. All family members must be informed and happy to be guardians. Our guardian homes must live somewhere that dogs are allowed if they do not own their own home. (Written permission from a landlord).

What are some of the other requirements to being a guardian home?

Guardian homes should have some basic experience with dogs, willing to socialize, exercise and care for your puppy (teach your dog basic manners/commands). Your dog must be an inside pet and never be left outside unattended. Guardian homes must only have other dogs that are altered (spayed or neutered). Guardian homes must have no intention of breeding or running a breeding program/business and must reside for the duration of the contract within the specified geographical area that they signed on for. This is not a good program for those who do not have plans to stay in one place for a while. The breeders must be able to visit the home of the guardian when/if necessary. Guardian homes must let the breeder know in the event of any serious illness or injury to the dog.

Where are your guardian opportunities?

We have guardian opportunities for families based in the Dallas, TX area, Houston TX area, Austin TX area and Salt Lake City, Utah area (with our colleague breeders at Rocky Road Doodles). Generally speaking we have a wider geographical range of availability for female guardian homes versus male guardian homes.

What is it like to have a male guardian versus a female guardian?

Female Guardian home opportunities are generally available more often than males. Female guardian homes are committed in the program for a specified number of litters (typically four successful litters in a female’s lifetime) which are usually completed before the female dog turns 4 or 5 years of age. After the completion of the female guardian dog’s litters she is spayed by us and released fully to the guardian family. Guardian homes with female dogs must notify us when their dog comes in season. The female is away from the guardian home during the week prior to expected delivery and following the weaning of her puppies. Generally this process in total is around 8-9 weeks. The actual breeding of the female can occur while she is still at her guardian home or she may stay with us for the breeding portion as well. This is dependent on the flexibility of the guardian home and their physical distance from us as well.

Male Guardian home opportunities are generally available for those who are in a close physical proximity to us. Male guardian dogs are generally not kept overnight at our home but we do require close communication and a lot of flexibility from our male guardian home owners. We may have females come into season more quickly or often than expected so we may borrow our guardian boys quite often. After the male guardian dog’s “date” he can go back to his owner until the next “date”. Male guardian home owners are required to keep in close communication with us and be flexible about his use.

What breeds are available in your guardian program?

We have opportunities for Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bernedoodles and Poodles. We have upcoming opportunities for male and female Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bernedoodles and Poodles.

How often do you have guardian opportunities available?

This depends widely on what we are breeding and keeping back within our own breeding program as well as the select dogs we bring in from other breeders from time to time. Please contact us for most current availability and future plans.

Can we buy our dog from the guardian program?

No, we do not allow our guardian homes to “purchase” the dog from us as these dogs have been hand selected in advance in order to get the best genetics, color, structure etc. possible to move our breeding program further. If you are interested in applying please be confident in your commitment to the guardian program.

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