About Namaste Bernedoodles

How we got started?

My Interest in the Bernedoodle breed began as my family and I started searching for new canine companion.

Over the years we had owned a number of different breeds including multiple Labs, a Great Pyrenees, a German Shepherd, an English Setter, and a few mutts and we were finally sick of cleaning up dog hair!

I wanted something intelligent, trainable and lovable without the shedding. Once we had done a bit of research it was more than obvious that a Bernedoodle was the obvious choice!

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I began delving deep into research mode and I was completely astounded by the sheer variety of colors that standard poodles come in. Very few breeds have diversity in a color that Poodles exhibit.

I knew early on that I wanted something different so we chose to acquire a parti poodle. The rest is really history! At the moment we are among the Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Texas.

The Best Part: Our puppies are sent all over the US, especially, California and New York are like our other homes because we have sent dozens of Bernedoodle puppies to California and New York within last some months.


Our Dogs

Currently, we have wonderful parent dogs at Namaste and are on our fifth generation in some of our programs.

The patterns we focus on primarily include Phantom, Parti, Tuxedo, and Solids. We strive to produce exceptional dogs with exceptional color!

We are focusing on increasing the vibrancy of our points on our Phantom poodle by infusing red standard poodles into our phantom lineage. Our partis and tuxedos come from a background of rich reds, inky blacks, and espresso brown.

Parental Dogs are screened extensively for health and temperament and no dog that doesn’t make the cut moves on to be a Namaste Parent.

So, if you are looking for the top-class Mini, Standard, or Medium Bernedoodles, you are at the right place. Keep in touch.

Some of our beautiful puppies