My Background

Poodle breeder

I have an undergraduate background in biology and come from a family of medical professionals so I approach dog breeding with a scientific mind.

From a young age I had a passion for color genetics and taught myself the beginning of canine color genetics from Punnett squares using the base colors that Labrador retrievers came in.

I continued expanding my knowledge of color genetics throughout the years. During the first few years of my experience in the breed, I developed documents and files after speaking with hundreds of poodle owners and breeders charting different bloodlines and their benefits and drawbacks.

I found this documentation and database of information invaluable in my quest for the ultimate standard poodle. Careful documentation and examination of a variety of different bloodlines has sharpened my ability to select a quality breeding dog based on health, temperament, conformation and color background information.

Health testing is still in its infancy in standard poodles and the worst diseases that affect the breed are still not testable. The best we can do for these ailments to take into consideration what we know about the backgrounds of these dogs.

After being involved in the research and mentorship component with a number of different high quality world class breeders I began putting my program together based on what I valued the most in my own family pet; exceptional temperament, optimal health, unique beauty and exotic color.