Mini Bernedoodle 


Wilson is one of our awesome Mini Bernedoodle dads! He lives with his wonderful guardian family and goes to work with his mom every day at a luxury handbag store! Wilson is kind, intelligent and has a beautiful coat and markings. He weighs 22lbs 


Standard Poodle


Zeus is a very sweet and very special Standard Poodle. He has a fabulous loving personality and is extremely intelligent as well. Zeus is the 3rd generation of Namaste Breeding (we bred his mother and grandmother as well). We spent many years genetically testing, assessing temperaments/health and research to breed the ideal Standard Poodle to breed for exceptional Bernedoodles. Zeus has produced extremely well and has had many litters for us. He is truly a one in a lifetime dog. He weighs 43lbs



Standard Bernedoodle


Anka is a sweet and playful Standard Bernedoodle. He loves people and dogs alike and has a wonderful zest for life. He is very loving and affectionate and just all around happy go lucky dog. Anka was bred by RockyRoad Doodles in Salt Lake City, Utah and we are so excited to have him as a part of our program. Anka sports a really unique merle phantom coat and has a thick wavy non-shedding coat. He lives with a fantastic guardian family in the heart of Dallas and enjoys visiting parks, interacting with other dogs and overall living the quintessential city pup life!

He weighs 65lbs



Standard Bernedoodle


August is one of our amazing Standard Bernedoodle dads. He is very tall and big and is huge teddy bear! He lives with a wonderful guardian family with two young children who he adores. August is the 4th generation of Namaste Breeding, he is Zeus’ son. He is the culmination of many years of work on our bloodlines, keeping back the best puppies from every generation to move forward to produce the best puppies we possibly can. He has beautiful color, structure and an a really wonderful disposition. We are so pleased with him and we are very excited to bring his pedigree into our next generation.

 He weighs 85lbs



Standard Bernedoodle


Judd, our magnificent Standard Bernedoodle father, is an impressive presence with his towering stature and gentle, teddy bear-like demeanor. He resides with a loving guardian family and represents an amazing generation of Namaste Breeding. Years of dedicated effort have gone into refining our bloodlines, carefully selecting and retaining the finest puppies from each generation to advance and produce exceptional offspring. Judd possesses a striking coloration, impeccable structure, and a truly delightful temperament. We are immensely proud of him and eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions his pedigree will make to our future generations.

 He weighs 85lbs



Miniature Poodle


Ollie is our very sweet Miniature Poodle Stud. He is a kind hearted and loving poodle with a lot of intelligence to boot. 

 He weighs 85lbs