Frequently Asked Questions

All of our puppies come with a one year health guarantee that covers serious genetic and/or congenital defects.

Yes! However, passing health testing alone does not mean that a dog will move forward in the Namaste program to procreate. The temperament and beauty of the dog will also be evaluated along with correct structure. The total package is mandatory at Namaste. Our process is a bit arduous and some might consider it tedious or ridiculous but we feel as though we have a great responsibility as breeders. We chose not to comprise on our values and every litter we breed starts with the goal to retain a puppy for our own stock.

We keep in touch with our puppy buyers as much as possible and remain a resource and sounding board for our clients. Litters are evaluated as they grow and information that we receive from the new generation and our families is added to our bank of knowledge further assisting our breeding decisions in the future.

No we do not! We are a home based breeding operation and we utilize guardian homes as well. If you are not familiar with guardian homes please read more about them on our guardian homes page. We do not believe in the long term kenneling of our canine companions. Doodles and Poodles are family dogs who like to be a part of the family and are indoor companions.

You must put a deposit (down payment) to reserve a puppy. This will lock you into a specific puppy or a specific breeding. If you are interested in a specialty color or a specific breeding this will help ensure that you get the puppy you are looking for. All deposits/down payments are non-refundable but may be transferred to another puppy/breeding within a one year period of when the deposit is received.

Our puppies are reserved by a down payment with the remainder paid prior to pickup or delivery. Many of our clients look for specific personalities and or colors so we keep this in mind when we help assist our clients in looking for a puppy. If you have a specific look in mind it is best to put a down payment down to ensure that you get the puppy that you desire.

We take elements of various different puppy socialization methods to produce a very well socialized and balanced puppy. Our puppies are very used to vacuums, children, neighborhood noises, people of all colors and sizes etc. We make sure all of our puppy socializers are wearing clean fresh clothing and germ free but we are able to get the puppy very used to a variety of different people and situations by the time that they get to you. Rest assured your puppy has been loved since the day it was born.

Many of our clients are out of state so we do offer hand delivery and on occasion shipping of our puppies. The rates vary based on where the puppy is going and which airline/nanny we are using. We have people on staff who help us hand deliver and are members of our team! Please contact us to discuss details about puppy delivery options.

Since we are not a commercial facility and we have family raised puppies we do not allow visits to our homes. The health and well being of our puppies is our utmost concern and because of this we do not allow visitors in the home. Puppies that go home at 8 weeks old are not fully vaccinated and susceptible to viruses, specifically parvovirus. Once you have brought your puppy home we recommend that you do not take the puppy to public places where other dogs have been (ie petstores, dog parks etc). We also recommend NOT wearing shoes inside of your home until the dog is fully vaccinated as it is an easy way to stay safe by removing those pathogens from the shoes at the front door.

We recommend that you do all of your pre puppy shopping on Amazon or Chewy online and not step foot in a brick and mortar pet store. We do all of this to reduce and remove the risk of parvo in our program. Parvo is a very serious virus and kills puppies every year. 

In Respect to Covid-19 and our bio-security measures we are offering pickups in person in a public location. These locations are determined in the group text that will occur after your down payment is submitted. Depending on severity of outbreaks/strains our employees and associates may choose to wear a mask. We encourage you to do what is comfortable to you. 

We specialize in phantom, tricolor, parti and reds. We have poodles and doodles available at various times in the year depending on our breeding schedule for the year.

We breed Bernedoodles of all sizes and offer a variety of color and coat combinations/

As a relatively small scale breeder we do not have puppies available at all times. We focus on high quality breedings so we may or may not have availability at the time you are looking for a puppy.

We do not offer breeding rights. Our poodle puppies are sold without registration papers and all of our puppies (poodles or doodles) are sold on strict non-breeding agreements.

At Namaste Poodles we take a huge responsibility in creating the best possible dogs we can by selecting the potential parent dogs with rigorous guidelines and standards. Temperament, structure, health and beauty should not be mutually exclusive and unless we feel a dog excels in all of these departments the dog will not be added to the program. We place a high importance on trying to reproduce the best specimen of a standard poodle in all facets. You can purchase a standard poodle or doodle anywhere but we strive to be excellent in all regards- setting our program and our dogs apart.

We love to keep in touch with our puppy buyers as much as possible and remain a resource and sounding board for our clients. Litters are evaluated as they grow and information that we receive from the new generation and our families is added to our bank of knowledge further assisting our breeding decisions in the future.

Please reach out to us should you be interested in a lovable new companion.

We do not take down payments on puppies that are not yet born/bred. We do not wish to take our customers down an emotional roller coaster on the way to getting their new puppy. Many bernedoodle breeders have very long waiting lists to obtain a puppy and you will be a number on a line to getting a dog. We encourage our customers to shop around and compare. Find a breeder you are comfortable with and remember when you lock in to a deposit on an unborn puppy you are buying an idea not a puppy. Puppies are not made on a factory assembly line that can be predicted with a great deal of accuracy. Mother nature is a brutal force and not easy to predict.

We ask that you kindly send us an email and chat with us before hand and keep posted on our website and via text/phone should you ever want updates on upcoming litter. Once we know puppies are healthy and thriving we are happy to begin accepting down payments.