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Are Purebred Standard Poodles Good Family Dogs?

Poodles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors but the standard poodle is the largest of them all.

These dogs, which are sometimes referred to as French poodles, reach an average shoulder height of 20 – 26 inches. The American Kennel Club (AKC) classifies all poodles above 15 inches tall as standard poodles, although these criteria may vary in other countries.

They’re attractive, athletic dogs with many attractive coat colors to choose from.

If you want an eye-catching specimen, there’s no doubt that a standard poodle is the way to go, but are they any good as family dogs? You may be single or childless right now, but there’s no telling what could happen down the line.

Standard poodles live for around 12 to 15 years so it’s a good idea to research whether this dog suits family life before you buy one. 

Temperament Traits

A gentle disposition is usually the first thing parents look for in a family dog.

Children are boisterous and unpredictable themselves and the last thing you want is a skittish dog. Not only is there a risk of children getting bitten, but coping with noisy, rough children can be a living hell for nervous dogs. 

Standard poodles are peace-loving dogs with a reserved but friendly nature. They enjoy a calm environment and are sometimes unnerved by the constant activity of small hyperactive children. That said, they rarely nip, even in play.

They are retrievers and bred to be around people at all times. They learn quickly, are consistently obedient, and observe boundaries. Their even temperament coupled with infinite trainability means there’s a good chance your children are safe with them.

Their even temperament coupled with infinite trainability means there’s a good chance your children are safe with them.

Regardless of which dog breed you choose, it’s important to educate your children about respecting a pet’s space and treating them gently. Of all the poodle sizes, these are by far the best suited to coping with children.   

Yet, despite their laid-back demeanor, they’re not ones for lying around all day.

Standard Poodles are Full of Fun

The family poodle loves to get involved in family life and doesn’t like missing out. Walks are a wonderful adventure for them, a good run is even better, and regular training sessions are the greatest.

You can count on your standard poodle to be an eager companion everywhere you go. They’re always available for most games. They can keep children entertained for hours outside in the fresh air, thanks to their strong agile bodies and willing nature. 

The standard poodle’s lively, lovable nature makes them ideal for active outdoor families and they’re also great companion pets. 

They’re Excellent Students

Standard poodles are well-known for their high intelligence. A lesser-known fact is that they’re a working breed, originally bred for hunting. That means, like any working dog, they need a job to do. 

They’re obsessed with pleasing their human companions which explains why they’re so versatile. Poodles not only hunt, but they also perform in dog show acts and excel in obedience competitions. Your standard poodle is willing and able to do anything you want them to do.

If you want to make the most of your standard poodle’s talents, it’s important to participate in professional training sessions with them. They love learning and thrive on daily mental stimulation. 

Basic obedience like house training is a walk in the park to them. It’s easy and quick to teach your poodle the basics of good manners as well as many entertaining and useful tricks. 

Good Manners 

Standard poodles are naturally cautious since their high intelligence prompts them to take a look-before-you-leap approach. This makes them seem polite towards strangers, so you don’t have to worry about them greeting your friends in the embarrassing way that some dogs do!

They view strange dogs in the same calm and welcoming way that they treat your friends. They’re smart enough to give the family cat a wide berth.

Thanks to these endearing qualities, you can take your standard poodle with you wherever you go.

Good Watchdogs

Their cautious attributes make them great for alerting you to intruders but you can’t count on them to bite anyone in your defense. They will always bark instead of biting. 

Many poodle owners consider their dogs to be almost telepathic since they’re finely attuned to picking up visual clues. They can guess your next move by reading your body language and facial expression. 

In the same way, they’re clued up enough to know when someone is up to no good as opposed to popping around for a friendly visit. You won’t catch them yapping for no reason and disrupting the harmony of your close-knit community. 

Easy to Care For

The fluffy, coiffed appearance of some standard poodles belies how easy it is to keep them trimmed and neat. In truth, there’s no need for these fancy hairstyles.

Poodles do just fine with their coat cut close, following the shape of their bodies. If you allow it to grow too long, the hair can form ugly mats but that’s easily remedied with regular grooming.

As a general rule, you’ll need to get your dog’s coat trimmed about once a month. If you’re not going for any fancy cut, and you brush their hair regularly, you’ll get away with a longer period between visits to the parlor. 

Poodle hair may be fluffy but it’s the most hypo-allergenic of all the breeds. The best part about poodle ownership is that poodles don’t shed their coats. 

That means no sniffing and sneezing and no dog hair all over your house. It’s the perfect scenario for busy moms concerned about cleaning, hygiene, and the health of their families.

Is a Poodle a Good Fit for Your Family?

Thanks to all of the above qualities, the standard poodle makes a good pet for most families. For the best outcome, it makes sense to get your poodle as a puppy so that you can ensure it matures into a happy, well-adjusted dog.

Get in touch if you’d like more information on poodle ownership and whether standard poodles are a good fit for your family.

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