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Do Bernedoodles do well in Texas? [Answered]

Do Bernedoodles do well in Texas?

Can Bernedoodles survive Texas heat?

These are the 2 most common questions future dog parents ask us, and this blog post contains its answer.

We are based in Dallas, Texas so we get this question often! Having owned many different kinds of dogs in the south we can tell you all dogs can thrive in the south depending on how you live with them. First and foremost, all Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bernedoodles, and Poodles are inside dogs meant to be part of the family not outside dogs that primarily live outdoors. Even our larger and bulkier Bernese Mountain Dogs do well here because they are cared for indoors and enjoy the A/C during the summer that all Texans both human and furry need to survive!

Bernedoodle dogs and their parent breeds are all very dependent on affection and attention and thrive when they are given lots of it and this only occurs when they spend most of the time in the same space that their families are in! That being said with all of our dogs we avoid letting them out in the heat of the day during the summertime. It is too hot in the height of summer in Texas to have them outside for extended periods of time. The hottest month in Texas is August but high temperatures to watch out for can start in late May and extend into September.

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We limit our dogs’ outings during the day to twenty minutes or less in the heat of the day and always provide shade and cool water for them while they are outside. It is important to always provide your Bernedoodle a cool and dry place to stay especially during the summertime. We tend to let our dogs out in the mornings and evenings when it is a little bit cooler.

What about exercise and other activities?

We do not recommend doing any strenuous exercise in the middle of the day during the summer but rather to try and time it with the dawn and dusk periods. Strenuous activity and blistering heat are not a good combination for any dog.

Another thing to be concerned about when walking your Bernedoodle (or any dog) during the summertime is the temperature of the pavement. During the summer, the pavement can reach extremely high temperatures and can burn the paw pads of your Bernedoodle (or any dog). If it feels too hot to your hand it is too hot for your dog to be walking on.

It is also extremely important when you let your dogs out to only let them out in short bursts during the summertime as with any breed of dog heatstroke can occur in the hot Texas sun. Especially, to be aware of this as you travel with your dog in your vehicle over the summertime. It is important to never leave your Bernedoodle unattended in a vehicle as even with a quick trip temperatures can quickly escalate to unsafe levels in Texas.

How to beat the heat?

Many of us also trim our Bernedoodles shorter to keep them cooler during the summertime. It is an excellent idea to trim your Bernedoodle in a summer clip to keep them cool and comfortable during the hotter months. Some of our Bernedoodles love to swim and during the summertime, they love it even more. Supervised swimming is a great activity that will keep them at a comfortable temperature. It is much easier with a shorter coat though as drying a longer one takes a lot longer time and is much messier.

How about Winters in Texas?

Winters in Texas are usually very mild but occasionally our temperatures get very low. This is generally not ever an issue for our larger standard Bernedoodles when they are playing outside but for our smaller Bernedoodles, it is important to make sure that they are able to stay at a comfortable body temperature when going out during the colder months. We also recommend booties and jackets for your pup if you are going outside regularly during those cold winter days.

Wrapping it up:

Overall, it is very easy to live with your Bernedoodle in Texas if you keep your pup cool during the hottest months and follow these simple steps to keep your pooch safe over the scorching summer months and warm during the very odd cold day that we have!

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