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Living with a Bernedoodle in NYC, LA, & other Big Cities

Many of our customers in large cities, particularly in Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Houston, and California live in apartments, condos, or townhomes.

Just because you live in one of these dwellings does not mean you cannot own a Bernedoodle. We even have some Standard Bernedoodles (they can reach 60-90lbs and beyond) living in Manhattan and Los Angeles. It is all about learning how to care for a dog in a smaller space and letting the dog have their outside time. If you devote enough time to your dog each day it is more than possible to have a dog in a smaller indoor space.

Many bigger cities these days are extremely dog-friendly and have so many outdoor spaces for dogs to play in. As long as you can provide your dog with the appropriate amount of exercise daily there is no reason that you cannot provide your Bernedoodle a great life living in an apartment or condo.

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What’s the most challenging thing while raising a puppy?

The most challenging thing about living with a Bernedoodle puppy in a smaller city space is the first 16-18 weeks when the puppy will receive its routine puppy immunizations. It is of utmost importance that you do not take your puppy to public spaces prior to your puppy finishing the recommended vaccine protocol that your vet suggests.

Now, the question arises- how to socialize them in such circumstances? Well, it’s quite easy. It is safe to socialize with your dog in the comfort of your home and/or trusted family members’ homes. Do not take your young puppy to public places, pet stores regardless of how tempting it may be. This also includes taking your puppy to in-person training classes with other dogs in public places. In fact, most obedience schools will require that you do not come to class until your puppy’s vaccinations are complete for the safety of your dog and the others in the puppy class.

We have also found that our customers are attending in-person classes less and less due to Covid-19. We recommend Baxter and Bella’s online training course for our customers who wish to train their puppy from the comfort of their own homes. The best part is that if you use the code NAMASTE in the promo code section when you check out you will receive a discount on the training course. This will provide the greatest protection against viruses such as parvovirus that can be devastating to a puppy without proper immunity. There are many workarounds to this, we suggest that you place a real or artificial grass patch either outside your apartment door or on the balcony/patio.

How to train and raise your Bernedoodle dog in a smaller space:

The main thing about living with a dog in a smaller space is to get the dog on an appropriate routine, and it’s really very important. Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive on routine and sticking to a schedule. It is much easier to potty train a dog that is on a routine that is followed on a daily basis. Dogs pick up on things much more easily when routines are followed from day to day.

In the beginning, it is advisable to modify this routine in an apartment to take the dog to the grass patch rather than taking the dog downstairs/outside. Soon enough once your new puppy has finished its vaccinations you will be able to take your dog outside. In the meantime, the grass patch will help develop good habits and associate certain times/the odor of the grass patch with going potty. Another alternative to a grass patch would be a canine litterbox.

It’s important to have backup supplies when potty training your puppy. Taking your puppy outside could be difficult in a situation where they have to go and you are an elevator ride away from a lawn. It is good to have puppy pads, empty grocery bags, wipes, spray, and paper towels handy in case you need to clean up an accident. Never rub your dog’s face in its business as this is neither useful nor truly helpful while potty-training them. It will only confuse and scare your puppy.

If you live in a smaller dwelling space in a large city, it will usually be very easy to locate a mobile groomer in your area that may even be able to come to your home. This can sometimes be more convenient for the owner and the dog. Make sure to read reviews on your groomer and look up references.

Feeding your dog at specific times of the day will also help encourage a feeding routine that will allow for the dog to associate certain times with eating and drinking and correspond with their pottying time as well.

In larger cities, specifically New York City and surrounding areas, it is a good idea to keep your dog vaccinated against leptospirosis and maintain a generally clean environment to discourage unwanted rodent visitors. Leptospirosis is a bacterium that is commonly hosted by rodents such as rats and mice that can be transferred to both humans and dogs. It is important to keep both yourself and your dog safe by keeping a clean environment that will not attract rodents. Store your dog’s food in an airtight container to deter any possible rodents.

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