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Partner Breeders

As breeders it can be so challenging to network and meet other like minded individuals in the breeding world. We offer partnership programs for breeders who wish to have a helping hand entering the breeding world. Our partnership program is different from our guardian program in that our fellow breeders in our partnership program are involved in a breeding program while a guardian home is simply a pet home for a breeding dog.

A partner breeder is a breeder who wishes to have a leg up in the breeding world by jumpstarting their knowledge base by getting connected to our vast network of other breeders and so many more resources. We offer partnerships on a limited basis and different packages available for breeders who wish to use our knowledge base to help create their ideal program. We have extensive contacts and knowledge of standard poodles and doodles in all colors.

We are available at an hourly rate or on a project basis to help you accomplish your breeding goals.

We offer a variety of different services for our partner breeders including:

Color/health genetics counseling

Website Development/Digital Marketing Strategy

Breeding Stock Acquisition counseling

Setting up a dedicated dog room

Marketing your program and your puppies

Pedigree/health analysis counseling

Please contact us today if you wish to become use our network to build or grow your program!



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