Why Bernedoodles Make Good Gifts for the Holidays?

In 2017, there were 89.7 million dogs in American households. As you can see, they’re a highly loved pet animal; they’re man’s best friend, after all.

You and your loved ones might adore dogs, but for whatever reason, don’t have one yet. Because of that, you’re thinking about gifting them one this holiday season; more specifically, a Bernedoodle (Poodle mix), as they may be a favorite of your friend or family member.

If you’re wondering if Bernedoodles make excellent gifts this holiday season, then keep reading! Not only will we answer that thought, but we’ll also give you our thoughts on how to gift a Bernedoodle puppy the right way.

Do Bernedoodles Make Good Gifts for the Holidays?

You may have seen many articles out there saying dogs and other pets make terrible gifts for the holidays. But this advice is a bit misleading, as not every single situation will end up with a horrible outcome.

The key thing is this: puppies will make good gifts for the holidays if the recipient is ready for the commitment. In most cases, Bernedoodles (and other animals) are neglected or abandoned because they’re viewed as short-term toy that holds the recipient’s interest for a short while. The novelty eventually wears off and the responsibility for a creature’s life wears down on them, which leads to people surrendering their dogs at shelters and pounds.

So long as the person you’re buying the puppy for wants a Bernedoodle puppy and understands the long-term commitment involved, then Bernedoodles absolutely make good gifts for the holidays! It can be one of the best presents to give someone, as it can open up their entire world to something new and fulfilling.

Why it’s a Good Idea to Buy a Bernedoodle Puppy this Holiday Season

The holidays are actually one of the best times to get a puppy since it gives you a chance to socialize them at an early age. Since most people have the holidays off of work and spend the majority of their time at home during this period, this gives the recipient a great window of time to familiarize themselves with their new puppy.

Also, because there are many holiday parties and relatives/friends coming over to spend some quality time, this also gives the recipient a chance to socialize their puppy at a young age. These visitors may also bring their own dogs, which provides the perfect opportunity for the puppy to socialize with other dogs as well.

By giving a puppy all these experiences at a young age, it paves the road for its development into an obedient and fun dog.

To whom should you Gift a Bernedoodle?

The first person who deserves a puppy is you. If you don’t have a dog and looking for the apple of your eye to join your family, you should get yourself a puppy. Make sure you have enough time, financial resources, and unconditional love for the puppy.

Other than that, it is an ideal gift for your grandparents, parents, kids, siblings, friends, and relatives. 

How to Gift Bernedoodles the Right Way

Okay, so you’re now convinced that buying a Bernedoodle is a great idea for this holiday season. But how can you ensure that you gift Bernedoodles the right way so you don’t end up pushing a massive responsibility on someone who didn’t want it in the first place?

Here are some tips on how to gift Bernedoodles the right way.

Gauge Their Interest

When you’re interacting with the potential recipient, have they expressed an interest in getting a Bernedoodle puppy? And if they have, was the timeframe for the near or distant future? You could also consider a Bernedoodle puppy if the potential recipient expressed an interest in getting a puppy to train them to be a therapy or service dog.

Their answer to the second question will make a significant difference in whether or not you should get them a Bernedoodle puppy.

Consider Their Financial and Housing Situations

Someone may be completely ready for a dog, but that doesn’t mean they’re in a good place to actually have one. Dogs are costly, especially since they’re prone to health problems just like humans are.

If your loved one is living paycheck to paycheck, then adding a dog to that situation may not be the best idea. Puppies need vaccinations, and if they fall ill, the owner needs to be in a good enough financial situation to cover the costs of appointments, medications, and even surgery.

If the person is renting, then you’ll also have to consider whether or not the landlord allows pets.

Think About Other Pets Already in the Household

Pet compatibility is a huge issue that you need to think about. If your loved one already has other pets in the house, will their existing animals get along with the Bernedoodle puppy?  Bernedoodle puppies are malleable in their temperament and are kind-natured and loving. Make sure your existing dog is accepting of new dogs before buying a new puppy. You know your current dog well so take into account their demeanor.

Make Sure the Recipient Can Dedicate Enough Time to the Dog

Dogs need lots of love and attention, especially while they’re a puppy. If the potential recipient is always working overtime at the office and bringing their work home with them, then they may not have the time or energy to dedicate to a new member of the household.

Give Your Loved One a Bernedoodle This Holiday Season

As you can see, under the right circumstances, Bernedoodles can make absolutely good gifts for your loved ones! So long as you clearly communicate with the recipient, assess the situation, and are certain that they can handle this long-term responsibility (and want to!), 

Are you considering purchasing a Bernedoodle puppy for your loved ones this holiday season? Then take a look at the Bernedoodle Puppies we have available! With your purchase, you’ll also be receiving the expertise of an experienced dog breeder, so you’ll have peace of mind.

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