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Bernedoodle Coat Types and Some Misconceptions About Generations

There is so much confusion regarding the generations of Bernedoodles. There is so much misinformation online regarding the different generations and the benefits/drawbacks of specific generations.

I often have customers requesting a specific generation for no real reason other than they felt that is the generation that they want based on reading information that is not well researched. Instead, I ask them to refocus on the coat type, color, and size that they are looking for. There is no reason to focus on a specific generation if you are simply looking for a healthy and attractive pet.

I have been breeding Bernedoodles for about 6 years and I have noticed no difference at all in the health of any different generation of Bernedoodle. There is no evidence that a specific generation of the Bernedoodle will affect the health of the puppy. Any of our Bernedoodles regardless of generation has been bred for the three things we focus on: temperament, beauty, and health.

Of course, mother nature is a brutal force and things can go wrong even with the best planning but I can count on one hand how many major health issues I have had as a breeder. It is a combination of both an art and a science and we employ both tactics to reduce risk when we can.

Genetic screening in combination with pedigree matching is the method we use to produce healthy puppies. Since the Bernedoodle is a breed in development there is not a lot of long term data regarding the longevity but based on what we know about the Bernese Mountain Dog, Poodles, and overall longevity based on size, it will likely be that a smaller sized Bernedoodle will live longer than a larger Bernedoodle.

Instead of focusing on the generation which will mean little to a buyer, it is important to narrow down what is important to the buyer’s lifestyle. One more thing I will mention- Bernedoodle Generation and Allergy friendliness are not really correlated. A person can be allergic to either saliva or dander and if you are allergic to saliva you will be allergic to any and all Bernedoodles, Poodles, etc.  If you are allergic to dander a Bernedoodle with the appropriate coat type will likely work for you. Every person is different and we cannot guarantee someone’s allergy response to one of our dogs but we can provide our experience and expertise.

Before reading through the following description of coat types, I will say most Bernedoodle coats (other than the Bernese Coat) we have experience with have very little to no shedding. That being said we have almost never seen a curly-coated Bernedoodle shed.

Bernedoodle coat types:

There are four main coat types that a Bernedoodle can have:


This is a coat type only achieved in Bernedoodle-to-Bernese or Bernedoodle-to-Bernedoodle breedings. While these dogs have a fluffy look, still they have the least amount of curl to their hair compared to the other coat types. Visually, they have a loose wave. We see this coat type very often in our Ultra Bernedoodles.

Straight-coated Bernedoodles don’t often shed but can once in a while lose a few hairs. Straight-coated Bernedoodles are generally easy-care and lower-maintenance for a “fluffy coat” but do require semi-regular brushing/grooming.


This is the traditional coat type of most F1 Bernedoodles that is not super curly but also not straight either. Wavy-coated dogs don’t often shed but occasionally can. Wavy-coated dogs require brushing and grooming on a regular basis.


This is the coat type that is most similar to that of a purebred poodle. These dogs rarely shed and often are the most suitable for those worried about loose hair. Any loose hair that might have fallen out is generally trapped within the curls of the dog’s hair. Curly coated dogs are the highest maintenance of all of the traditional Bernedoodle coats and will require more frequent bathing and grooming.

Bernese Coat:

This coat type is a throwback to the purebred Bernese Mountain Dog and often times exhibits the same level of shedding as well. This coat type appeals to people that are interested in health benefits and (possibly decreased size) of a Bernedoodle but do not want the maintenance of a doodle coat.

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